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Waalkill Engine Co. #6

As the village and later the city of Middletown grew, fire protection had to keep pace. The western part of Middletown was being built up along with the growth of the Asylum.

The Homeopathic Hospital on Monhagen Avenue was expanding bringing with it new streets and homes. In hand-drawn days the steep streets leading to the west end of town not only made for a hard pull but it took time to get there. Mr. Ferris M. Pronk, a Franklin Square druggist and Chief of the Fire Department at the time, recommended that a new company be formed in that vicinity.

 The Waalkill Engine Company, No. 6 was formed and was accepted by the city on May 21, 1890. They have always been quartered in a single bay fire station on Wallkill Avenue. From using a two wheel hose jumper to the present modern fire apparatus, Waalkills have served Middletown well over the years. The street on which the fire house is located was originally called West Street. The name of the street was changed to correspond with the fire company but the spelling remained different. From its inception the fire company name was always spelled with a double "a".

Company Officers

Captain - Artie Battisti

President - Kevin Duggan

Vice-President - Ron Walker

Financial Secretary - A.J. Al-Amin

Recording Secretary - Joe Walsh

Treasurer - Dave Bradley



2009 KME Predator

1500 GPM Pump

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