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Ontario Hose Co. #5

In the late 1880's the North End of Middletown was growing rapidly. The New York, Ontario & Western Railway's main locomotive and car shops were built near Wisner Avenue and the whole area was rapidly being built up.

In early August of 1889 a group of community minded men held a meeting at the North End Soap Factory and organized the Ontario Hose Company, No. 5. On October 1, 1889 the city accepted the Ontarios as the city's sixth fire company.

In the days of hand-drawn apparatus and unpaved streets, Wisner Avenue was a long and hard run for the fire companies in the center of town. The new company was a much needed addition to the department.

The first Foreman of the Ontarios was Adam Heckroth. The company's first apparatus was the hose carriage formerly used by the McQuoid's.

Ontario Hose Company has always been quartered on upper North Street near the corner of Wisner Avenue. No longer restricted to the North End, of course, Engine 5's new KME apparatus responds all over the city.

Company Officers

1st Lieutenant - Bryan Fucci

President - Mike LaForge

Vice-President - Simon Abreu

Recording Secretary - George Perna

Financial Secretary - Pat Dineen

Treasurer - Paul Perna

Reverend - Bob Everett

Trustees - Robert Itzla, Jim McGuire, Joe Coleman Jr.

Representatives - Ed Russo, W.K. Wilcox, Jose "Pepe" Mojica



2006 KME Predator

1500 GPM Pump

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