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McQuoid Engine & Ladder Co. #3

There was a group of young Middletown men of the Catholic faith who called themselves the Modaks and in 1873 they decided to form themselves into a fire company. They ran into much opposition as it was felt that the village didn't need another fire company. A prominent local businessman took up their cause and succeeded in convincing the trustees of the village to accept them.

On May 28, 1873 the new company was chartered and in gratitude named itself the William M. McQuoid Fire Engine Company, No. 3 after their benefactor.

Mr. McQuoid was a charter member of the Eagles, happened to be a Protestant and never became a member of his namesake company.

The McQuoids moved into a new fire station then being built on East Main and Montgomery Streets. This is the location of the Central Fire Station today and remains the home of the McQuoids. The name of the company was changed to McQuoid Engine and Ladder Company No. 3 shortly after the 1936 Seagrave Quad was acquired.

Company Officers

Captain - Leighton Williams

President - Chris Delillo

Vice-President - Julio Rodriguez

Financial Secretary - Bill Imholz

Secretary - Tony Perricelli

Treasurer - Ralph Parenti



2019 Spartan Gladiator

100' Mid Mount Platform

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