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Excelsior Hook & Ladder Co. #1

On August 3, 1859 a hook and ladder company of the Village of Middletown was formed. The new fire company remained unnamed until October 6, 1859 when Village President James N. Pronk unveiled the newly arrived hook and ladder truck at the Erie Railroad freight yards and exclaimed "Excelsior!"

The new fire company adapted that name along with the motto "Excelsior- Ever Onward-Ever Upward." The Hooks were quartered in the King Street fire house until 1928 when Central Fire Station was opened.

One of the three oldest fire companies in the city, Excelsior Hook & Ladder Company, No. 1 continues to serve the city of Middletown with a modern Seagrave 100' ladder truck.

Company Officers

Captain - Bernard Hagan

1st Lieutenant - Coty Green

2nd Lieutenant - Andrew Green

President - Lenny Ferrara

Vice-President - Tom Scott

Secretary - Emily Fothoffer

Treasurer - Sean Gerow

Historian - Dave Green



2013 Seagrave Force

100' Rear-Mount Aerial

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