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Eagle Engine Co. #2

August 1, 1859 the Eagle Fire Engine Company, No. 3 came into being, Middletown's oldest fire company. Middletown Engine 1 was the machine called "The Old Bread Tray". Protection Engine Company was Number 2 and Eagles were Number 3.

When Protection was disbanded, Eagles reorganized as Eagle Hose Company, No. 2. The new company moved into a two bay fire station on King Street at the corner of Foundry Alley, later called Center Street. Eagles hand engine was replaced by a horse-drawn hose and patrol wagon before becoming motorized.

As its apparatus evolved the company changed its name to Eagle Chemical Engine & Hose Company No. 2 and finally Eagle Engine Company No. 2.

Company Officers

1st Lieutenant - Joe Healy

2nd Lieutenant - Gerard Lewis

President - Bob Brady

Vice-President - Sam Barone

Financial Secretary - Randy MacLean

Recording Secretary - Don Luis

Treasurer - Merritt Winner



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