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ORANGE COUNTY 911 Dispatcher Honored

During the early morning hours of Saturday April 9, 2022, Orange County 911 Dispatcher Gerard Lewis answered an emergency call from a couple driving on the highway attempting to get to the hospital. The male caller was requesting medical assistance for his wife who was in active labor. Her water broke and the baby wasn’t willing to wait!

Dispatcher Lewis, who is a certified and highly trained Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD), ensured the vehicle was pulled safely off the roadway and proceeded to give vital instructions to the caller, assisting with the imminent delivery of the baby. When the baby delivered, it presented with the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck. Dispatcher Lewis provided instructions to remove the cord and ensured the baby was breathing.

Dispatcher Lewis’s calm demeanor along with his precise, compassionate, and appropriate instructions provided critical life safety care that ensured the best outcome for both mother and baby.

Shortly after birth, New York State Police and Port Jervis Ambulance Corps arrived and took over care for both the mother and baby. Both patients were transported to Garnet Health Medical Center.

We are proud to have Dispatcher Lewis as a part of our team!

Gerard is a member of the Eagle Engine Co # 2 in the Middletown Fire Dept. Good job Gerard, we are proud of you!!

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